INRIA Présentation

IPARLA is a project team of the INRIA Bordeaux Sud‐Ouest research center. The general research topic is to make 3D computer graphics content available for the mobile user. IPARLA is particularly interested in 3D geometry processing and computer‐human interaction techniques. More precisely, the members of IPARLA have profound knowledge about post‐processing data from 3D acquisition devices such as denoising, and surface reconstruction from unorganized points to continuous representations such as polygonal meshes and subdivision surfaces, as well as moving‐least‐squares surfaces and implicit surfaces. Moreover, they have developed geometry‐driven spatial data structures for accelerating queries (2 Eurographics best paper awards in 2006). They are also interested in photorealistic and non‐photorealistic rendering techniques that run on modern GPUs. Concerning 3D interaction, IPARLA members are interested in developing new interaction devices (VRST best paper award in 2003), and new interaction techniques. Members of IPARLA have a wide range of national and international collaborations, and they have published over 136 peer‐reviewed articles in the last 5 years, and organized national and international conferences. Moreover, they developed various softwares for 3D surface reconstruction. In terms of equipment, IPARLA owns, for example, a 10m * 3m Reality Center with passive stereo, a 3D Scanner Minolta Vivid 910, and an EDEN 3D printer.