Ausonius Participants

Robert VERGNIEUX HdR, obtained his PhD in Egyptology in 1992, and is now a research engineer « hors classe » at the CNRS. He was awarded with the “CNRS SHS cristal” in 2004. Since 1980, he employs the 3D technology for the reconstruction of cultural heritage, thanks to a variety of partnerships with private companies. He created the « Plate‐Forme Technologique 3D (PFT3D) » of the AUSONIUS Institute that consists of 4 permanent CNRS engineers and technicians and a dozens of internships. The aim is to ease the use of 3D technologies for the researches of the AUSONIUS Institute, and to guarantee the production of 3D data for archeology. He contributed to the creation of a transfer technology cell of the CNRS in 2005 (Archéotransfert), where he is the scientific director. He also initiated the biennal international Virtual Retrospect conference that deals with 3D applications in Archeology, and he is the scientific editor of the proceedings in the Archéovision collection in the AUSONIUS editions.
Bruno DUTAILLY is a research engineer at the CNRS since 2003. He is currently working for the laboratory of anthropology and prehistoric science where he developed a 3D imagery service for the anthropology and medical imaging. Moreover, he is working in the Archéovision PFT3D in the archeology institute AUSONIUS. He is particularly interested in making 3D data available to researches, and in 3D real‐time rendering techniques, stereo rendering, and 3D for archeology in general. His scientific background is computer science, and his experience in archeology and anthropology makes out of him the privileged person of contact for 3D challenges, both for archeologists and computer scientists.

Loïc ESPINASSE is a 3D engineer at the technology transfer cell. He is specialized in the acquisition and digitization of cultural heritage items by laser scanners and time‐of‐flight scanners. In particular, he participated in the reconstruction of the « chaîne à godet » of the Barzan thermes, and the acquisition of the prototyping of the replica of the Naxiens Sphinx, as well as another dozen of acquisition projects.
Pascal MORA is a 3D engineer, and the director of the technology transfer cell. He is particularly specialized in the 3D reconstruction of buildings that have partially or totally disappeared, by a study of the documentation and 3D modeling utilities. He keeps up with technological innovations about 3D acquisition techniques, in particular 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry.