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Réunion Acquisition

Participants : Ausonius : Loic Espinasse, Pascal Mora, Bruno Dutailly, Iparla : Pascal Barla, Gaël Guennebaud, Jean-Sebastien Franco, Xavier  Granier (en visioconf, à confirmer), Patrick Reuter, Nicolas Mellado, Ordre du jour : Lancement implémentation pipeline d’acquisition scanner laser Ouverture du post ingénieur ? Préparation campagne Alexandrie.

Ausonius Participants

Robert VERGNIEUX HdR, obtained his PhD in Egyptology in 1992, and is now a research engineer « hors classe » at the CNRS. He was awarded with the “CNRS SHS cristal” in 2004. Since 1980, he employs the 3D technology for the reconstruction of cultural heritage, thanks to a variety of partnerships with private companies. …

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CEAlex Participants

Isabelle HAIRY is architect archeologist at the Centre dʹEtudes Alexandrines as a CNRS engineer since 1996. In particular, she is in charge of the work at the archeological site of the Pharos of Alexandria, under the supervision of Jean‐Yves Empereur. She is Architect DPLG of the « Ecole d’Architecture de Paris‐la‐Défense », master in Archeology …

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INRIA Participants

Patrick REUTER is an associate professor in computer science at the University of Bordeaux and a researcher at the IPARLA project. He obtained his PhD in 2003 about well scalable 3D implicit surface reconstruction methods from unorganized points. His major research interests are geometric surface modeling and efficient user interfaces, and especially the intersection between …

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Ausonius Présentation

AUSONIUS Archéovision PFT3D, Bruno Dutailly AUSONIUS Archéovision a platform for 3D technology (PFT3D) at the University of Bordeaux 3. One of the major challenges of Archéovision is to promote the use of 3D technologies to other research teams in archaeology as a research tool, and not only as a way to present the ancient data. …

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CEAlex Présentation

CEAlex, USR CNRS 3134, Isabelle HAIRY The Centre d’Études Alexandrines (CEAlex) is a “Unité de Service et de Recherche” (USR 3134) of the CNRS, founded in 1990 by Jean‐Yves Empereur. The CEAlex has several missions, all in close collaboration with the Supreme Council for Antiquities (SCA), aimed at the saving and developing of Alexandria’s exceptional …

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INRIA Présentation

IPARLA is a project team of the INRIA Bordeaux Sud‐Ouest research center. The general research topic is to make 3D computer graphics content available for the mobile user. IPARLA is particularly interested in 3D geometry processing and computer‐human interaction techniques. More precisely, the members of IPARLA have profound knowledge about post‐processing data from 3D acquisition …

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